DON'T WANT TO SEE ADS? here's how

Beloved community,
Taking into account your wishes for ad-free Website, we have introduced our LookMovie browser extension!
What it is about?
we work very hard to provide you everything for free and while ads are annoying, the monthly bandwidth, servers & development costs are getting too high and have to be paid – ads help us do that.
Having said that, we are now testing an original win-win solution on how to make the site ad-free and clean for you and still being able to afford paying for it.
Our newly beta tested Chrome/Firefox browser extension supports our work by letting us earn money while disabling the ads for you. Users that install our extension will never see any pop-ups or other advertisements.
So if you enjoy and appreciate our little project, kindly support us by installing the extension to enjoy an ad-free experience and help us pay the bills along the way.
More information can be found at the following link:
~LookMovie Team

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